1. How to Start?

Complete the Profile

After registering and entering the Trainers Rambody, you need to complete the profile information as a trainer. After entering this information, it will take up to 24 hours for your profile to be reviewed and approved by the Rambody team.

Click on the profile icon, enter the relevant page, and complete the displayed information. Set a photo for your profile. Then, in the overview section, enter information and records about yourself and the fields in which you specialize or have experienced, and define at least one sales plan.


Define a Sales Package

To sell workout and nutrition plans, you can specify the plans which can be offered and show your ability to design different plans.

For example; Home workout plan, Beginner plan, Professional plan, Diet plan, etc.

Note that these plans are not pre-prepared workout and diet plans and are just a list of plans that you can offer. From now on, instead of writing "Presenting a workout plan", you can set a different price for each plan depending on the type of audience as well as the specialty and the time you spend creating that plan.

Define an ID & Get a Website

After the profile is approved by the admin, you can define a unique ID for yourself. From now on, customers can find you in Rambody with this ID.

Also, as soon as you choose an ID, a dedicated website link will be provided to you, which you can place on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook.

Determining the Payment Method

After confirming the profile, since the amount of sales of the plans is paid directly by the customers to your personal account, you must define the methods of paying the amount of the plans for the customers. Such as e-transfer, Paypal, Stripe,…

Note that this payment method is for depositing the amounts received by customers to your account and is not for withdrawal from your account.

Dedicated Website

Immediately after defining Rambody ID, a dedicated website will be created for you and you can put the link on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook or send it to your contacts.

This website contains complete information about your profile along with the application installation link.

Interestingly, if customers install the application from within your website, as soon as you enter the application, only your name will be displayed in the list of instructors and they will not need to enter your ID.

Congrats! Your profile is complete

It's time to grow your business with Rambody

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