3. Create a Workout Plan

Client Profile

After accepting the request, you will have full access to the details to know the physical condition and health and purpose of the client. This information is received from them in the client's application and is provided to you, such as:

1. Personal information and health conditions and equipment available.

2. Physical analysis processed and calculated by Rambody based on information entered by the clients and provided to you.

3. Chart of progress and clients photos from three different sides.

4. workout & nutrition plans history that has already been provided in the Rambody app.

Design Workout Plan

To design a workout plan, there are more than 1,500 exercises in different fields in Rambody that you can filter these exercises based on the name of them, the muscle involved and the equipment used.

In the definition of a set, you must specify the number of sets separately for each set. For example: 12X 10X 8X MAX

By dragging each session left and right, you will be able to delete, move, and duplicate that session. You can save the designed plans as a template and use it in similar cases.

Superset, Triset, ...

In this way, you can easily design a plan and send them to the client with different training systems such as Superset, Triset, Giant, and Mamout set.

To do this, just drag the desired exercise to the left and click on the positive sign to select and confirm the desired exercise or other exercises.

Build a Template of Workout Plan

You can save exercise and diet plans as a template and reuse them in similar cases with a slight change.

With this option, after a while, you will have a large number of templates, which will reduce the design speed of the most specialized programs to less than 10 minutes for you.

congratulations! You have created a professional workout plan

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