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Experience up to 50% growth in your online training business

Using Rambody our trainers have witnessed considerable growth in their online training business up to 50% just in the first three months. Rambody sets you free from the basic time-for-dollar business model which a lot of trainers are stuck in.

Rambody enables you to reach a greater number of clients online. It gives you the necessary tools to manage a large number of clients efficiently and saves you a ton of time when designing and building new workout or nutrition plans.



Trainers Profile

On the profile page, you can enlist different areas of your expertise as well as all the fields you have experience in.

You also need to provide the list of all the workout or nutrition plans with their prices you can offer your clients. 


Rambody calculates and provides you with different parameters such as BMI, BMR, body fat percentage, an estimation of the number of calories your client needs to consume daily and etc.

Creating workouts

Rambody makes it easier to design workout plans in the shortest time. With more than 700 animated exercises and training systems, the user-friendly interface enables you to tweak even the smallest details and make unique workout plans.


Nutrition Plans

In Rambody, you can make different diet plans based on nutrition science for your clients.

Custom-made exercises

You can add your own version of exercises with your own photos and videos. The added exercises will be accessible only to you and your clients.

Clients Profile

On the clients' page, Rambody provides you with the essential information you need such as general info, body analysis, clients' progress in a diagram over time, and workout history in order to design a workout or nutrition plan. 

Connect, Engage and Motivate

Rambody makes it easy to connect and stay in touch with your clients. With Rambody, you can start chatting with your clients, respond to their problems, and provide them with the motivation they need in their journey.

Personalized website

As soon as you create a profile and define an ID for yourself, Rambody creates a free personalized website for you to use and share on your social media.
It helps you to promote yourself as a personal trainer by declaring your expertise, giving an overview about yourself, and advertising your plans.

How Does Rambody Help You?



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