2. How to Order a Plan?

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You can offer your plans to clients in two ways:

1. Install Rambody application from Google Play or App Store by the clients> Enter the Your ID> Request a plan.

2. Submit a dedicated website link

Open your website> Install Rambady> Automatic enter to your profile> Request a plan


How Clients Request a Plan?

The client selects the desired plan from your profile in the Rambody application and enters the application request stage. In this step, deposit the amount of the plan to the account you have specified in your profile. In the next step, they will upload the payment receipt or enter the payment information.

Note that the customer pays for the plan outside the Rambody application. It will also be possible to submit a plan request without uploading a payment slip and even without paying a fee. After that and in the trainers' application, you as a trainer will be able to reject or accept requests.


Accept or Reject the Request

You will receive a notification as soon as the client requests the plan. By entering the requested plan page, the name of the applicant and payment information will be displayed to you. 

At this stage, you are completely free to reject or accept a request at your discretion, and if the request is rejected, you can state the reasons and send it to the applicant.

Note that if the request is accepted, it can no longer be rejected. In this case, you can, not design and send the accepted plan to the customer.

After accepting the request, complete information, in addition to the tools needed to design a specialized plan, will be provided to you.

Congratulations! You sold your first plan

It's time to create your first customized plan

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