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We Offer a Method to Boost Trainers' Client Base in Under 30 Days!

Unlock Your Share of a Booming $150M Monthly Fitness Market!

Unlock the potential of the inactive North American population: 295M (80%) are not exercising regularly.

Much more around the world.

We can help fitness professionals unlock this market!

Workout Lesson

Why Rambody 


Online Training

Tired of trading your time for dollars at your local gym? Rambody is the new generation of training assistants, connecting personal trainers to clients worldwide.

Nutrition Plan

           With Rambody, you can make a customized nutrition plan for your clients from the get-go.

Track Progress

Rambody makes it super easy to track and monitor the progress of your trainees by providing you with the necessary means.

Client Engagement

Communicate with your client anywhere at anytime. Rambody provides the required tools for meaningful interaction between you and your trainees.


Total Users


Trainers' Revenue

Trainers profile on rambody

Have your own profile

Rambody offers a customizable platform to counsel and sell workout or nutrition programs. Having a unique profile for yourself allows you to reach a larger audience.

exercise animation and description

All exercises are animated

Rambody has an extensive database of animated exercises. You can even record your own versions. Rambody removes all the fuss of explaining an exercise to an online client.

clients progress chart on Rambody

Follow your clients' progress

​With Rambody, you can have a complete analysis of your trainees' bodies, making it easier for you to monitor and track their progress on a diagram.

What Our
Trainers Are Saying

We love it

I’ve been using Rambody for a short time but it has already helped me enhance my coaching business! The program delivery is so much easier and very professional! My clients and I love it! Highly recommended for any online coach & trainer!


— Andy Lagunas, PT


Rambody's presentation at the 500 Golbal Demo Day - 2023


Where are our users ?

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rambody users around the world

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